All of our products are third party lab tested per batch, both before and after production, to ensure the highest product quality. CBD tests can vary by plus or minus 10% for accuracy, and we take every care possible to ensure our products are accurate. You’ll see our testing will never fall below the stated amount on the package.

CBD+ Gummies

Our line of vitamin gummy supplements are infused with 12.5mg per piece as our target goal. Two pieces together equate to our single serving suggestion of 25mg of CBD.

CBD+ Tinctures

Our tinctures come with a calibrated dropper, meaning there are 1/4 milliliter lines on the dropper so you can get an exact measurement. Testing is completed for one milliliter of product, and both our human and pet tinctures are shown below.

CBD+ Concentrates

Cannabidiol has a crystalline structure at high potencies, and our concentrates are no different. Our potencies are listed directly on the bottom label, but our full testing is shown below. All results show the full content of 1 gram total material.

CBD+ Lotion

Hemp has a high concentration of omega fatty acids, which makes it a great moisturizer. Our lotion products harness this restorative power and amplify it with a hefty dose of CBD. All testing is shown for total bottle content.

CBD+ Vaporizers

We’ve created a line of some of the best vaporizers on the market, available in both isolate and full spectrum formats. Testing is shown for a full gram of material, and our disposable units are only filled with one half a gram – divide the testing by 2.

Affiliate Testing

We have a few partners in the industry, and we’re proud to host their testing results.