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Looking for high quality, hemp produced CBD oil? Look no further than DOKA for a curated selection of some of the best brands available in the United States. Looking for the best value? Our own brand name products are made right here in Colorado from US grown hemp and available in full spectrum and zero THC formulas.

What is CBD?

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a naturally occurring compound found in the family of cannabis plants. Most often derived from low THC hemp, CBD is a safe, non-addictive substance that has significant therapeutic promise.

CBD Molecule

What does CBD do?

Though CBD has had resounding success with countless people, the research behind the effectiveness of CBD is still underway.

The primary pathway for therapy focuses on the human endocannabinoid system, which was only recently discovered in 1992. Since then, we have learned of several human endocannabinoids that naturally help your body maintain homeostasis, or balance throughout the body.

The most common uses for CBD currently include the reduction of inflammation, pain management, anxiety reduction, spasm control and sleep aid.

Will I get stoned?

Unlike it’s close cousin THC, Cannabidiol is not mentally intoxicating. Most commonly, users will report a mild feeling of relaxation and overall calming.

CBD will not get you stoned and will not fog your mental clarity. Isolated CBD is free from all residual THC and does not show on drug urinalysis tests.

If you’re worried about the intoxicating effects of CBD because it is derived from hemp – relax. You won’t experience any intoxicating change of mental state from our products.

CBD products that Work – Just ask our customers

Absolutely in love with these gummies! They have the most natural taste & perfect consistency for my liking! I take one every day and don’t plan on changing that any time soon! 10/10 recommend for sure.


I basically only take Omega and this was a great alternative to what I’ve been using. I thought the flavor may be odd due to the “fish oil” stuff, but was pleasantly surprised at the taste.


I’m absolutely loving my new multivitamin CBD gummies. I had been wanting to try a cbd vitamin mix and Doka CBD did not disappoint. I’m taking 2 gummies a day right now 1 in the morning and one with dinner 25mg all together! The gummies taste great and are consistent in size.So far I have noticed I’m sleeping better through the night! Something that’s always been a huge struggle for me. I am excited to continue my daily regimen, and see where Doka CBD takes me. If your thinking about trying CBD yourself look no further!


Third Party Laboratory Tested

What makes our CBD products the best on the market? Beyond sourcing the best US grown hemp on the market, we test all of our products before we make them and after they’re ready for packaging to ensure our labeling is accurate.

Want to see the results? Check out our lab testing page with batch specific results.

See Lab Testing

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